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Welcome to Cold Citrus, a music based podcast which I started back in May 2005. The concept is straighforward, an eclectic mix of music, much of which you might not have heard before, with regular interruptions from me. My part in all this is an attempt to bring a semblance of understanding to whats playing and, sometimes, why I'm playing it.

The music hops across all times and genres but with a heavy bias towards indie, folk, lo-fi and twee pop. Occasionally I'll drop in something random like some Christian hip hop or a public information song recorded by the ministry of agriculture to educate sheep farmers in New Zealand (seriously, check the archive). Put simply, if it catches my ear and I like it, it goes in.

The podcast originally started as part of 'Bonfire Radio', a collaborative space lovingly curated by Pete Ashton on his site. It was modest showcase for sharing and promoting a loose collection of podcasts, including his own 'Pete Radio'. The contributors provided and hosted the content whilst Pete provided the RSS and HTML glue that held it all together.

I have long since managed my own RSS feed, which sits at the top left of this page and which I think still works. Episodes 18 onwards can be accessed through there.

About Me
I've loved all sorts of music from long before I can remember, and its something that's stayed with me. Years of making making mix tapes recorded from the John Peel show on radio 1 meant I would always be inclined to do something like this one day - It was only going to be a matter of time before the right technology came along. I live near Margate, on the north Kent coast, far enough from the crowds when I don't want them, but close enough when I do.

Radio Radio
The podcasts can be accessed directly using the links below. Details and tracklistings for each episode can be found by following the links.
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Latest Podcast - 1 October 2015
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Page updated: 11th February 2016

If you like what you hear please support artists by visiting their websites and buying the music - This way you'll own a mint copy without me prattling all over it. Listening to podcasts and reading MP3 blogs is how I discovered and subsequently bought much of the new music I now own.

If you are the copyright owner of any of the recorded material featured on Cold Citrus and would like it removed please contact me and I will take it down at the earliest opportunity.