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CCR 22: Tracklist
16th August 2007
Recorded on a very gloomy August day the music is anything but...

Yeah, Oh Yeah - The Magnetic Fields
Breaking The Language Barrier - Jim Guittard (Download)
Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio
The Complete Love Story - Ambra Red (Download)
White Wedding - The Harvey Girls (Download)
Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers (Download)
Government Administrator - Eggs
Hear No Bullshit - Credit To The Nation & Chumbawamba
Unemployed in Summertime - Emiliana Torrini
Time Is Never Wasted - The Belvederes (Download)
Comfort Eagle - CAKE
The Dark of the Matinée - Coco Freeman
Calvary - Bossanova (Download)
Loop A Loop - The Crimea (Download)
Airbag - Doveman (Listen)

Approx running time: 60 minutes


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