Iron and Wine in competition with the chattering classes, Shepherd's Bush Empire, 31st October 2007

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CCR 24: Tracklist
30th November 2007
An unintentional conspiracy theory theme runs through the November podcast with oblique references to aliens and secret societies. The show is top and tailed by 1983 vintage vinyl recently harvested from the dusty shelves at the back of the room. There is the usual mix of old and new in between, I even managed to find a pre release track to include this time! Stand out tracks for me are Secret Owl Society, if Aphex Twin is like a paracetomol then SOS is a sugar coated Nurofen. Lets face it, I'm just a sucker for this kind of strung out ambient electronica. Fortified records of New York bring us another high point in the form of Cheese On Bread, another slice of playful antifolk which is pure joy. Finally I apologise in advance for my outburst of foul language somewhere in the middle but I promise it's merely used to quote someone with a very short fuse and limited vocabulary.

Danseparc - Martha & The Muffins
Celestial Annihilation - Unkle
Slaughtered By The Sun - Modlang
Early Days of Channel Fuhrer - The Fall
It Fell To Me - Mittens On Strings (Download)
Go To Hell - Billie The Vision And The Dancers (Download)
Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers
Giver - Patrick Watson (Download)
Innocent Bones - Iron and Wine (Download)
Sexy Anarchist Boy - Cheese on Bread (Download)
I Spy Dry Fear - Smokers Die Younger (Download)
Day 3, Monochromatic World - Secret Owl Society (Stream)
The Greys - Frightened Rabbit
Listen To Your Voice - Guittard (Download)
Situation - The Ex-Boyfriends (Download)
We Could Send Letters [Live] - Aztec Camera

Approx running time: 70 minutes


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