John Darnielle (Mountain Goats), End of the Road Festival, Dorset, September 2010.

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CCR 39: Tracklist
2nd November 2012
As promised I have included a few artists who were on the last podcast including Johnny Lamb (Thirty Pounds of Bone), Johnny West and Jmo (Jeremy, not Johnny, Coleman). There's also something new from The Mountain Goats. Starts lively, gets a bit techno, then slows right down again. It's Cold Citrus 39...

Another Travellin' Song - Bright Eyes
Use Somebody - Bat for Lashes

WWW - Jmo
Puppets - Man Without Country
Witchcraft (DJ Heavygrinder rerub)- Pendulum
The Swimming Song - Loudon Wainwright III
The Sorrowful Cry of the Final Kidney - Thirty Pounds of Bone
What A Girl Wants - Teen Anthems
Miss The Girl - The Creatures
Toxic Girl - The Kings of Convenience
Cry for Judas - The Mountain Goats
November - The Wilderness of Manitoba
Tow That Line! - Schuman the Human
The Bugs in the Basement - The Dixie Bee-Liners
Smoking Again - Lach
Wind Chimes With Her - Johnny West
Pyramid Song - Radiohead

Approx running time: 68 minutes



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