Pit Ponies, Ramsgate Music Hall 24/02/16.

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CCR 44: Tracklist
17th September 2017
Here is Cold Citrus 44...

Born to a Family - The Go-Betweens
Appartion - Stealing Sheep

Walking Backwards - The Leaf Library
Deptford Love Song - Pit Ponies
Scared to Capsize - She Makes War
Valentine Neversent - Papernut Cambridge
Dorsal Venous - Johnny West
So You Know - The Stars of Heaven
Cardboard Kisses - Derailed Freight Train
Pieces - Euros Childs
Rainy Season - Howard Devoto
Little Ears - Spark Alaska
Hey Jim - Turner Cody
No Moon - Chorusgirl
I Want a New Butler - Picturebox
Barry was an Arms Dealer - Rodney Cromwell
Glue - Bicep
Forever Dancing - The Beloved

Approx running time: 67 minutes



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